Diesel Refuelling for Commercial Sites

Diesel is a commercial fuel and finds use in major utilities that need maximum output or need a continuous backup. To be able to match the demand of these ever-needed resources, there should be a convenient system that can be used to replenish the supplies within time and schedule. A commercial downtime would mean losses and to be able to supplement these units means a valuable and reliable service as the doorstep delivery of diesel.

As a commercial enterprise, and industrial unit or a corporate, you might need diesel for a number of reasons including- banks, corporates and event management companies for their generator sets, industrial units for their machines, construction companies for their construction equipment, and several operations that run efficiently with diesel.

As an end-user the procurement of the fuel is difficult, especially for commercial purposes when the refuelling has to be done for a larger quantity. The procurement in barrels or cans and other containers can be risky in handling, transferring and would spill. If the safety norms are not taken care of, it could also lead to massive damages.

With the other innovative approaches that companies are taking towards ease and sustainability, Diesel at the doorstep is a very promising service that is taking care not only of your comfort and but also environment sustainability.

Let us see how.

check The doorstep diesel delivery will mean one vehicle against the number of vehicles that come to the gas station to refill, which automatically reduces carbon footprints to a great extent.
check There are no chances of pilferage against sourcing loose diesel in barrels or cans as the bowser system only unlocks the mobile dispenser at the scheduled location.
check The PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation) norms come to govern the quality of the fuel we source, which means there is no adulteration, and the sourced fuel is best in quality.
check Safe handling of the fuel by professionals means there are fewer chances of accidents while sourcing and transfers.
check Fuel filling and accidental spillage or events can be well controlled by the professional teams, leaving you in no worry.
check A scheduled refuelling activity can be decided and performed as per the rate of consumption and frequency of diesel sourcing. This means the processes will run smooth and without obstacles.
check Essential services like hospitals do not have to worry about the supply of diesel, with the doorstep supply of fuels.
check Online booking, scheduling and billing can be done at ease.
check Doorstep Diesel Delivery is an on-call service and can be called for throughout the day. There are no regulatory approvals require for sourcing.
check No need to have an infrastructure for storing fuel on the premises, this not only saves cost but also eliminates the chances of any accidents.
check Fewer visits to the gas stations for sourcing fuel would mean lesser carbon footprints.

With the ever-increasing demand for commercial use of Diesel, the sustainability parameter is what we at Evenon are looking at. Our fuel services at the doorstep for corporate, commercial & industrial enterprises is a small yet promising way towards a sustainable future.