How are you refuelling your society Gensets?

Most of the city landscapes today have a considerable number of buildings that are new and high rises. The essential services being lift services and lighting in the society premises, it needs to be backed-up with a generator. There cannot be any negligence in not maintaining the generator sets as they act as a lifeline in case of power cuts and emergencies.

Amongst the various task holders- the committee members are in voluntary roles, a devoted member is not assigned to the role, and therefore there can be chances of missing on refuelling the generators. During power cuts or emergencies, this could have a grave effect and cause inconvenience to the society members due to lift unavailability and darkness in the common society areas.

The diesel refuelling system at your doorstep is a promising service and can be easily scheduled without hassle.

Now, for your society generator diesel needs -

check No more getting the fuel in barrels or cans from gas stations.
check No more fuel spilling while transferring from barrels or cans to the generators.
check No chances of theft, pilferage, or mishandling.
check No need to assign a person to fetch the fuel from gas stations.
check No chance of missing out on the refuelling dates and schedule.
check No worry about handling explosive fuels by inexperienced people.

At Evenon, we are in a one of its kind services where we offer diesel at your doorstep. We think that when food and other stuff can be ordered online, why not fuel? With this initiative, we are easing people's lives and bringing them the convenience where they can make use of it.

Our services can be booked through our website, through emails and on calls. Our fuel on demand will take care of your appropriate requirement and deliver fuel to your doorstep in a stipulated time.

Our services mean

Quality & quantity assured of our reliable service. The online billing systems ensures there is no pilferage, and you get what you have paid for.

Safety challenges

There are various safety challenges associated with refuelling and we comply with all the necessary protocols listed for safer deliveries. Our staff is well trained to handle any dangerous scenarios or accidents.

Saves costs

The entire process of procuring fuel is brought to the doorsteps therefore it saves the cost of driving to the gas station and getting fuel.

Location explicit

We are providing refuelling services in the nook and corners of the geography listed and therefore there is no reason to panic for getting to the gas stations.

Zero wastage

Efficient refuelling technology means zero spilling and wastage.

Online Booking

The service can be booked online and scheduled on the day you want. This means you do not need a reminder call or miss on the refuelling schedule. You do not even have to allot a person to fetch the fuel from gas stations.

As a society committee member, I am sure you will find all this very alluring, but when it comes to the cost part, you can only opt for the economics of any offer.

Our prices are as per the Government of India rates decided every day for Diesel. We charge a nominal cost above that for deliveries.

As a diesel doorstep option, we might come as a comfortable and novel option for societies, but with time our refuelling services will come as a safer and viable need.